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Established in 1969, Comprehensive Care Corporation (CompCare) became a national leader in chemical dependency treatment services through its trademarked CareUnit programs. In 1992, CompCare began to diversify through acquisition of a small managed behavioral health organization. By 1997, the Company had refocused its core business and consolidated its corporate operations in Tampa, Florida. Today, CompCare manages lives nationwide, providing behavioral health, substance abuse, pharmacy management and employee assistance programs to health plans, governmental agencies, managed care companies, Taft-Hartley health and welfare Funds, third party administrators, union–sponsored benefit plans, and employer groups throughout the United States. Commercial, Medicaid, and Medicare members.

CompCare is a Specialty Health Care Company dedicated to the Integration of behavioral and medical care to improve the lives of the people we serve. Fully accredited by NCQA, we infuse quality-driven processes throughout every department and practice evidenced-based approaches to care. Our employees pledge to exceed customer expectations through innovative management practices that result in effective and efficient care, while enhancing value for our shareholders. For over 15 years, CompCare has provided personalized attention, a flexible delivery system, and evolving products and services to help our clients meet the challenges of the rapidly changing healthcare industry.

Integration that promotes communication and coordination between medical and behavioral care is the heart of our clinical philosophy. Understanding the mind/body connection is key to treating the whole individual, not just one aspect of the problem. Comprehensive, compassionate, cost-effective products and services optimize treatment outcomes. Unifying CompCare clinical staff, network practitioners, primary care physicians and other treatment providers creates an integrated delivery system unsurpassed by other organizations.

Services Offered
We customize our products and services to meet each client's need. Managing behavioral health services for the past 15 years has equipped us with the necessary knowledge and skills that traverse lines of business. Employers, governmental agencies, Medicaid, or Commercial health plans all benefit from our products and services. Whether you are an employer seeking a cost-effective program for employees, a Medicare Advantage plan searching for the best resources to help manage the dually eligible population, or a Medicaid plan in need of integrated, community-centered services for society's most vulnerable populations, CompCare can help. In addition to our traditional, high-quality, integrated behavioral health program, we offer pioneering solutions in Substance Abuse Disease Management and Integrated Health Care Management supported by Pharmacy Data Analysis.

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